Insurance professionals e.g. underwriters, adjusters, examiners, appraisers & brokers are all a part of the movements that the Global insurance industry is experiencing of late. Today the insurance industry is bent on safeguarding people & financial bodies from financial set backs worth millions of dollars every year e.g. auto accidents, property loss, sickness & other instances. There has to be some contribution from all quarters of the insurance industry e.g. Underwriters, adjusters, agents, third parties. It is the underwriters’ decision whether to provide insurance for a specific objective, till what extent it should be covered & under what conditions. The underwriters are supposed to identify the probability of loss arising out of prospects, decide who should get coverage, calculate the premium & mention the benefits. The chances of generating good business thrives upon the underwriters’ predictions over the degrees of losses associated with different prospects. If the underwriter gets too liberal then it might invite a large volume of claims, where as his being too cautious could mean a loss of business to competitors.

Insurance Underwriters

Underwriting is truly a successful career option for those who are eager to process the detailed information pertaining to insurance applicants. Underwriters are needed to be endowed with analytical skills in order to process such information & arrive at a decision regarding the various prospects. Underwriters who are associated with life or health coverage would generally work from the company head offices, while the ones associated with P&C are required to operate from the branches. The modern day underwriting soft wares have turned this profession a lot easier & ensure accuracy & safety.

Insurance Adjusters

The adjusters’ job is to work towards settling a claim. They would need to study the claims forwarded by the claimants under circumstances when an unforeseen mishap occurs. They would need to analyze the facts through their communication with the parties involved, the witnesses & the insured. They would need to go through the different reports depicting facts associated with such events in order to get to the ultimate worth of the claim. Adjusters need to be careful while arriving at this figure since if he is negligent it could pose more liability for his company.

Claims Examiners

A majority of the Claims examiners would either be employed with life insurance companies or with health insurance companies. Their job is to assess whether the insurance claims are too expensive depending on the cause of the claims. They would need to scrutinize the testifying documents provided, the time or duration of the related event, record of witnesses etc. They are also required to consult the associated doctors & scrutinize policy details in connection with the claim. It is only after a careful verification of all the important information that they would be able to suggest a cost or forward the claim to an investigator for further review. On the other hand, claims examiners associated with the P&C insurance firms would perform duties closer to an adjuster. They would need to ensure that the claims have been submitted only after following the proper guidelines. The P&C underwriters would rather act as assistants for their claims adjusters.